WABES intends to bring together experts from all fields related to Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (BES) at the Science/Policy interface across West Africa. Amongst them, networking and exchange is facilitated through annual workshops and online activities. Further, a better link to the international IPBES community shall be installed:

  • Experts of the region are informed about current IPBES activities and its future development
  • Experts will be provided with a forum to exchange information on IPBES related topics among them and get experience from international community already involved in IPBES work program.
  • Experts are informed about the WABES project, it objectives and planned activities as well as ways of participating and benefitting.

If you alrady are an BES expert or if you would like to become an expert, connect to West African and other international colleagues, and would like to improve or share your knowledge about IPBES and its workplan, please feel encouraged to subscribe to the network.