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Bintu Sia Kamara

  Country: Sierra Leone Motivation: SPIBES provides an opportunity to improve my skills to help bridge the knowledge gap between science and policy. It serves as a platform for collective governance to Read More

David Diggs DENNIS

  Country: Liberia Motivation: The SPIBES Program is a new approach aimed at breeding experts capable of effectively linking science with politics to influence decision making. The need for a paradigm shift Read More

Hadidjatou Nana SOGODOGO

  Country: Mali Motivation: This is an opportunity for me to deepen my knowledge of climate change, biodiversity and ecosystem services. The skills acquired will help me make meaningful contributions to sustainable Read More

Hassane Yacoudima Abba OUMAROU

  Country: Niger Motivation: This programme is special for me, as it is a step towards my career goal as a development worker, able to actively participate in the conceptualization and implementation Read More

Khadidiatou SENGHOR

  Country: Sénégal Motivation: I am keen on acquiring relevant skills and tools needed to protect the environment particularly to conserve biodiversity. SPIBES provides me the knowledge to influence policy decisions and Read More

Edwige Ines Kohan SEA

  Country: Côte d‘Ivoire Motivation: I am keen on being a SPIBES student because I want to acquire tools to be an excellent BES expert. This program is relevant because it enhances Read More


  Country: Burkina Faso Motivation: As an environmental engineer with over eleven years of experience in the fields of agriculture, water resources and environment, my participation in SPIBES is of high relevance Read More

Mariama CAMARA

  Country: The Gambia Motivation: I am keen to be a student of SPIBES because it is a platform that strengthens knowledge for better Policy through Science, for the conservation of biodiversity Read More


  Country: Ghana Motivation: SPIBES is to me an institution to acquire the requisite skills in presenting solutions to scientific and policy practitioners to solve common biodiversity problems. The collaborative nature/approach makes Read More

Prénibè Baloukiyém DAO

  Country: Togo Motivation: SPIBES is special for me because it is an interdisciplinary programme. I am keen on being a SPIBES student because it will help broaden my knowledge and skills Read More


  Country: Guinea Motivation: SPIBES is special for me because this programme adopts a multidisciplinary approach and would prepare me to be able to provide policy relevant knowledge and facilitate the dissemination Read More

Maria-Prisca K. KOUAKOU

  Country: Côte d‘Ivoire Motivation: I am really keen of being SPIBES student, because I think this MSc program is really pertinent and innovative for effectively fixing West African biodiversity and ecosystem Read More

Erdoo Paula AWAI

  Country: Nigeria Motivation: The “SPIBES” Program is developing a strong human resource  through an integrative approach to strengthen West Africa’s contributions to IPBES and Biodiversity issues. My goal is to support the Read More

KPODO Jésugnon Esther A.

  Country: Benin Motivation: I am keen of being a SPIBES student because I like biodiversity and want to help policy makers improve their decisions about biodiversity conservation. SPIBES is relevant because Read More

Mohammed Taha AMIAR

  Country: Morocco Motivation: My interest is strong in sustainability issues, biodiversity challenges and scholars-policymakers’ nexus. I would like to achieve my own professional goals in the context of developing countries. I’d Read More