WABES Capacity Development Initiative: insight into the research outputs of our SPIBES MSc. graduates

Wabes Capacity Devolpment Initiative

Handbook of MSc. Theses Abstracts (click on image to view)

L’IPBES: la Science au Service de la Biodiversité et du Développement Durable

In this publication, the contributions of WABES in support of IPBES capacity building mandate in West Africa are highlighted from page 43 (click on image to read).

List of Journal articles

  • Dao, B. P., Abotsi, K. E., Kargbo, A., Kokou, K., & Kone, D. (2021). Diversity of agroecosystems and ecosystem services gain for agrobiodiversity conservation in agricultural landscape in northern Togo. Agronomie Africaine, 33(1), 21-32. [pdf link]
  • Sogodogo, H. N., Sanogo, K., Sylvestre, D. S., Traoré, S. S., & Ipou, J. (2021). Farmers’ perceptions of the impacts of Adansonia digitata L. leaves exploitation on its conservation and on livelihoods of local communities in Mali, West Africa. [pdf link]
  • Ouedraogo, S. W. N., Komoe, K., Da, S. S., Isimemen, O., & Masse, D. (2021). Effect of Invasive Aquatic Plants (Azolla a., Myriophyllum a. and Cyperus a.) Biochar Amendment on Maize Growth: An Assessment. Journal of Agricultural Studies, 9(3), 336-351. [pdf link]