2019 Ouagadougou Workshop

Where and When?

The Third WABES regional expert workshop was organised in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso from May 21 to 23, 2019.

The general objective of the workshop:

The main objective of this workshop was to strengthen the operational capacity of the WABES experts’ network, and promote its contributions to the second work program of IPBES.

The intended outputs include:

  1. WABES, IPBES and its work programmes are known in the region, and actions are undertaken towards its implementation,
  2. Consolidating the goals achieved and lessons learned so far, that is, what are the impacts of WABES in the West Africa sub-region, and what are the future challenges?
  3. Opportunities for stakeholders to exchange information on IPBES-relevant topics and strengthen networking activities
  4. Stakeholders are well informed on how to contribute to the IPBES work programmes
  5. Exchange about the role and relevance of indigenous and local knowledge (ILK) and other knowledge systems available in the region
  6. Strategies for the implementation of key messages of the newly released IPBES Global Assessment in West African countries are developed

The communique and other materials from the 2019 Workshop can be downloaded here.