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Conservation Biologist/ Ecologist
Agriculture, Aquatic ecosystems, Biodiversity, Conservation & restoration, Ecology, Ecosystem services, Environmental & sustainability sciences, Governance, Indigenous and local knowledge, Interdisciplinary studies, Law, Natural resource management, Nature’s contributions to people, Scenarios & models, Sociology, Taxonomy, Terrestrial ecosystems
I studied Biological Sciences at Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria (Nigeria) and received my master’s degree in Tropical Forestry from Technische Universität Dresden. In 2015, I earned my doctorate degree in Environment and Natural Resource Management from Brandenburg Technical University, Cottbus–Senftenberg in Germany. My Interests lie in understanding the causes and consequences of changes in biological patterns at various scales, from macro-ecology (scaling up from individual species and species communities, to collective population) to social-ecology perspectives. Beyond that, I am interested in understanding the relationship of various diversity measures and what they can tell about how biological diversity has evolved and is maintained. Monitoring causes of death of wild and zoo animals, valuation of biodiversity and ecosystem services, and contributing to activities that address biodiversity conservation and management are also my core interest.
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